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Repuls is a rather new shooting game with multiplayer mode and several interesting features that you may like. Considering the fact that I am professional gamer and know a lot of different online games, I would rather say that Repuls is just another shooter with nothing unique but the game is constantly being upgraded and the developers do their best to provide something new to the users. As a result, the game has hundreds of active players every day and you can always find a server full of people who are ready to fight. The game has several game modes including Free For All and Teams mode. Some people say that the graphics is rather poor while others enjoy it very much. As for me, I think that this game deserves a bit better graphics but I am sure that the developers are already working on this subject and new version will become much better. Now you can enjoy the full version of Repuls game at our website in fullscreen mode so have some fun with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Play Repuls?

Just like any other classic shooting game, here your mission is to destroy your enemies with various weapons. Even though that there is not so big variety of weapons, all of them differ from each other and have to be used for different purpose according your needs and your gaming style. There are some other items in this game which you can unlock so creating a free account at the beginning of the game is a good idea. Browse the game controls below and join the wonderful world of multiplayer shooting game at Repuls.

What Are Game Controls?

[ W ][ A ][ S ][ D ] - move
[ Left click ] - shoot
[ Q ] - strike with your weapon
[ 1 ]- change weapon
[ 2 ] - throw grenades
[ R ] - reload
[ Space ] to jump

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